By Lodoviko Tucika, Senior Stylist

Marriage is one of the most beautiful expression of love that a couple can perform. There is always something so moving about two soulmates tying the knot. Call me crazy but I’m always a sucker for a good love story.

Outrigger resort wedding“As I made my way through the Outrigger Resort this morning to start Alice Clower’s hair and makeup, I notice the wedding coordinator helping and escorting a handsome young man with stunning blue eyes out from the resort’s club car through the lobby then to his room. As they made their way through, it struck me that the man was blind, and just at that moment the lady at reception waved me through and told me that the man I had been watching was the groom, John. My heart just melted at that moment as I had a strong feeling that I would hear of a magnificent love story that day, and I couldn’t wait to meet the bride who like many other brides was anxiously and nervously waiting for me to make her into a beautiful bride.

Despite Alice being partially visually impaired and John not having any sight at all, nothing was holding this loved up couple from having the time of their life here in Fiji.

Alice chose to go soft and subtle with her makeup as she was after something totally fresh and glowing and with he hair she chose an up-do with all her hair gently pulled back away from her face. When it was time to finish Alice was gorgeous, the nerves started to kick in but the excitement on her face was just enough to say that she was ready.

We would like to share with you the video of their special day which is magnificently put together by the guys at Zoomfiji Photography & Cinematography and is truly a masterpiece. If you’re looking book these guys they are incredible at what they do and fun to work with.

Thank you Alice for booking us on your day. Congratulations on your new found journey and until next time Ni Sa Moce Mada.